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You can find on this page migration notes from Buster to Bullseye.

Upgrade notice

  • We switched from lmod to environement modules. Please refer to this documentation, especially the section “Upgrade from lmod to environment modules”


Here is the list of softwares installed on Magi. They may have two states : installed or valid.

  • State “installed” means that the software is installed but not yet validated with a test code run through the job scheduler
  • State “valid” means that the software has been tested on Magi

List :

Software Version State
SLURM 21.08.6 Valid
OpenMPI 4.1.2 Valid
Matlab 2017b Valid
Intel OneAPI 2022.0.2 Valid
VASP 5.4.4 Valid
oommf 2.0 alpha 3 Valid
Gaussian 16 Valid
Gromacs 2022 Installed
Clang llvm 14 Valid
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